how are you?

A neighbourhood light installation. 

Created by Jenny Hector in conjunction with her neighbours

Over seven days the residents of a block of nine apartments were asked to communicate their feelings via colour and light. 

No directive was given, just seven colours to choose from and a diary.




orange: today was a good day. A few surprises at work, but it was great to start the week again.

purple: purple is my favourite colour. When everything is copacetic….normal….purple.Today is good…normal…purple.

green: because it is my favourite colour. Nature and outside. Green is good.

red: love. Today is sad, everyday is. Red makes me remember my husband.

purple: today at work was very stressful, I got home and just relaxed.

red:  I see red, I see red, I see red. F’ing jerks at work.

yellow: tired, alert, nervous, but trying to stay calm. Alarming, but still pretty.

red: angry. May have let others down. Did not go to work.





pink: woke up feeling red. By the afternoon I was feeling good. Everything seemed good…coming up roses. I felt like I was seeing life through rose coloured glasses and I liked it.

blue: I like blue, blue skies. I don’t like dark days. True blue.

red: Including me in my neighbourhood makes me feel loved. I feel very good and happy.

orange: feeling tired and excited. I’ve been sleepy all day after a somewhat big weekend. Work was tricky, understandably. I feel like the time between sunrise and sunset. 

orange:  a new day.

green: it is a muddy and unclear colour. Today I feel anxious and sick.

blue: Edna. Kerang. Dad. Funeral




blue: so, so, tired but nothing major. I am not on cloud 9, but not in the dumps either, thus I’m so, so. The day is not over yet, it might have a better ending.

green: this morning at about 12.05am I felt green. Not that I was ill. Not that kind of green, but thats what colour sprang to mind. I went to sleep.I woke up. Green was now securely positioned in my brain. By 6.30pm I felt there was no need to change.

red: I feel bright and sexy. I like how bright it is.

purple: I fulfilled my day today. I feel good. I had a productive day, completing bits and pieces of everything.

green:  a colour that is mixed and today here were some mixed emotions. Some rose above most and others dwelled below all others. All can be seen as good and bad, there is also a happy medium and today I am a happy medium.

blue:  it’s the night before a funeral. I kinda wish there was black to choose.

purple: I feel really tired today.

blue: crammed train. Arrive okay. Not nice.






green: it feels like a day to get things going. All those projects that have been sitting there waiting.

blue: we did not witness the crash, we arrived a few minutes after it occurred. The truck had barrelled of the road into a ditch, the driver was walking around his car on his phone. My colleague went to check on him. The driver of the purple car was not moving, a bystander started CPR. Another was on the phone to 000. My boss comforted a witness. I collected debris from the road, threw it to the side. We stayed for a while, then drove off in silence.

yellow: because i feel energetic and strong, like the sun.

green: I am hopeful.

yellow: for friends. Met some really great people today and I am sharing the joy. Looks like something good is happening.

yellow: I’m feeling a little mellowed out after the funeral.

purple: still tired…..

green: ? 




purple: all I can say is T.G.I.F. Blessed to have all I have.

yellow: feeling ambivalent (still occupied with the car crash yesterday) I’m thinking…. street lights, not green, not red, yellow.

blue:  because I am trying to put together this vacuum cleaner and there are too many parts.

yellow: I am bright and shiny like the sun today.

pink: today I am feeling happy and gay! Mostly because it is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend.

yellow: I liked the colour so much last night I chose it again. It feels bright to me.

pink:  expectant...

orange: Beer. Happy. Pizza.




yellow: we are both happy to be here and that our week is over.

orange: nothing particular. Will celebrate Thanksgiving with friends later. Orange seems like the appropriate colour for that holiday- North American Autumn.

blue: I am happy because I went walking and its a nice day.

pink: I feel happy, I’ve had a good day and am looking forward to tomorrow.

purple: I’ve been receiving messages lately, a lot more than usual. I’m no longer scared or think I am crazy. The messages are comforting and help me make sense of the world. I know that more and more people are experiencing ‘weird shit’ from beyond our physical dimension and that their crowns are connecting us to a greater truth than we are presently aware. Turns out, everyone looks good in purple.

green: it’s just my hope we have a greener future.

red:  it’s my birthday today and red is my favourite colour. It is a present to me.

yellow: so it is not lonely.




yellow: just enjoying the start of the summer sunshine.

green: all good, I like this activity.

blue: I’m am happy the Labour Party are back.

blue:  the sky is blue and everyone is happy.

orange: it’s pretty darn hot here, and I need a colour to match.

green: beginnings and endings. The cycle continues forever. New births, fresh life, young, begin….

purple: sad



Jenny Hector Artist
Ben Shaw Technical Support
Ross Coulter Photographer
Faye Hector Catering
Louise Kellerman Graphic Design
Auspicious Arts Auspice


This project has been supported by the City of Port Phillip through the Cultural Development Fund